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    Kolokolchik Russian Daycare is a bilingual day care center. We speak both Russian and English in our Russian daycare, and we also serve homemade Russian meals.
    We offer preschool care for children who are too young to start school. We can provide infant care to children three months and older, but we also take children up to five years old.
    Finding quality childcare can be a challenge, but we hope to solve your problems by offering a positive environment for your children with fun learning activities in math, logic, and more. Contact us today for daycare in Watertown, MA.
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Our Services

Child care
Child Care

It can be a challenge to line up your work hours with your child's school schedule. Professional child care will ensure your child is safe and cared for during the hours you're still at work. Our Russian daycare is open on weekdays and provides a bilingual environment for your children. We provide infant care starting at five months old, and we also offer toddler care. Our goal is to enrich your children with a range of activities and a friendly atmosphere.

Preschool Care

If your child is too young for school, you may need to arrange child care during the workweek. Our preschool care will take care of children under the age of five. We also offer toddler care for younger kids.

Our family day care is open throughout the workweek, allowing you to work without worrying about your child during the day. Attending a regular daycare center gives your child a consistent schedule and a positive environment.

Infant care
Infant Care

Finding infant care can be difficult because not every day care center accepts very young children. However, Kolokolchik Russian Daycare provides child care for children from three months old to five years old.

Our Russian daycare specializes in caring for very young children and infants, so contact us today to learn more and enroll your child!

Russian daycare
Russian Daycare

Raising your children to be bilingual is an excellent way to help them stay in touch with their culture. Our Russian daycare will create a bilingual environment for your child. We speak both English and Russian and even provide Russian meals at our daycare. Our preschool care includes artistic enrichment, math lessons, and more.

Kolokolchik Russian Daycare provides child care solutions in Watertown, MA. Contact us to join our daycare today!

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This is the best Russian/ Armenian/English multilingual daycare in the area you can possibly think of. The owners are treating the kids as their own children. They all are being spoiled by fresh home made Armenian and Russian meals. my son is being there as a king. Ahaha... I have a trouble feeding him at home as he doesn't accep my food anymore...
anyways, the bottom line: very well entertained children, safe environment and 5 stars restaurant menus 5 times a day. Very reasonable price. The teachers can accommodate with your schedule once in a while if needed. love love love those people. God Bless to them!!!

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